Useful Cordova Plugins for Ionic Applications (with examples)

My mobile apps are responsive, fast and I am able to develop them in a fraction of a time compared to ‘normal’ native development. And remember… I am not magician. I just use the development tools that enable me to deliver fast and good (Ionic framework with Apache Cordova).


Today I found excellent post with a list of useful Cordova plugins to use in Ionic (or any other) frameworks. Following description author also provides simple code snippet of usage. Great resource I would like to share today.

Plugin list:

Whitelist Plugin
Ionic Keyboard Plugin
File Transfer Plugin
File API Plugin
Clipboard Plugin
Contacts Plugin
Camera Plugin
SMS Plugin
Barcode Scanner Plugin
InApp Browser Plugin
Geolocation Plugin
Splash Screen Plugin
Calendar Plugin
Audio Plugin
Video Plugin
Network Information Plugin
iOS Touch Id Plugin
SQLite Storage Plugin
Screen Orientation Plugin
In-App Purchases Plugin
AdMob Plugin
Native Page Transitions
Device Motion
Network Interface
Image Picker
Local Notifications
File Opener 2
Action Sheet, Modal, Dialogs

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