[Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade] Click Close Button to Upgrade Now

I love Windows 10, but I hate how it is being pushed out to the people that don’t want it – and there are many among older users of desktop computers. For months Microsoft has been stepping up pressure on users to upgrade to Windows 10. Lately Microsoft made a move that resembles to a web based pop-ups that would appear when closing some porn sites 5 years ago.

According to multiple sources Microsoft has changed behaviour of ‘red X at the top of the window’ so that users cannot opt-out by closing the window.

I am sure Microsoft will come out with an explanation that will be covered by some small text users always accept. But for the ‘normal’ users, this move is an example of a ‘dark-pattern’. People who like Windows 10 and new versions of the software are already upgraded. For all other people such an pressure could mean they will switch to some version of Linux, OS X or event to ChromeOS. And you know – I don’t blame them.


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