You don’t need a Mac to build iOS apps

Today I have again successfully build app code for Android and iOS. Thanks to Apache Cordova and Ionic Framework and Platform I was able to submit the same code and build the production apps for both platforms.

JavaScript is a new ‘assembler level language’ and AngularJS lifts it to the level of a proper high level language.

A lot of people still thinks that you need to have Mac (physical, virtual or in the cloud) to build .ipa package to be submited to AppStore. With free online build tools like Ionic Package or PhoneGap Build you just need to upload certificates and profiles. One Ionic line to let cloud build it.

ionic package build ios --release --profile production
ionic package build android --release -profile production

I am impressed. Again. Thank you Ionic. This is what I call hybrid application development. One code, all platforms.

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